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so far it's mostly my stuff up here, but i didn't register the domain for use as a personal site.  i have always thought of it as a shared resource for everyone in the extended family.  i'd like to get more people involved so if you're a reppart please contact me.  do you want your own site?  do you have an existing site that we can point to (either by linking or redirecting)?  do you want an e-mail address at  those are all relatively easy.

if you have bigger ideas let's hear 'em!  as you can see i'm not much of a web designer, but i can provide the infrastructure if you want to build something cool.

- ken



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if you have a reppart-related page on the web that you'd like to get linked from here please contact ken reppart.

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if you are interested in a e-mail address (ie. please send me an e-mail.  it's easy to sign up and you can read your mail on the web or use your normal pop3 reader.

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